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Election Time Vote

Election Time–Vote!!!


Election day is coming up.. Yes this has not much to do with a dog store but is something very close to my heart.  Vote… Vote and Vote!  I am a home schooling mom who just recently taught my 9 yr old (Cyrus)  how hard  it was for minorities and women to vote.  As a woman under 50 I  have always had that right.   I  remember talking to my family who lived in a time that women just didn’t vote. I still remember the first time they voted!     They were so  proud they had a say in something as important as our government! Yes it is important… the day we think our vote doesn’t matter or count is they day our nation will change!  As Americans.. of any race… any gender… we have a say…and we have a right to vote.    I  remember thinking at one point that my vote did not matter.  That year,  the election with the confusing electoral votes was a landslide to one direction in our state and I was completely deflated.  The next election year there was a vote for an ammendment change that came down to a yes or no and was decided in less than 100 votes… Do you think my vote matters there?  I didn’t vote on it… my vote would have mattered!!!  

Our military is out there every day fighting for our right to freedom.  What is freedom.. among many many  things it is a right to vote …a right to our opinion … and a right to speak.  Many strong  and brave people over time (military, public figures, and others) they have fought for us to have our rights and and our freedoms!  Politics, Candidates, Government, and those ridiculous commercials that most of the time are not true on either side can be sooooooo frustrating no matter which side you are on… but never ever give up the right  to vote…do your own research…VOTE… it is a privilege and a responsibility…

Now… relating to our dog store… ( I have to tie it in somewhere right?)——-

How voting can affect our loved fur babies… 


I am not much of a makeup girl but I am quite sure I don’t  need any type of foundation or lotion that kills monkeys, mice, or anything with a beating heart to make myself look good.  If I just take 10 minutes to check on the company and their policies on animal testing, I can make a difference. Look at the back of the bottle…does it say animal cruelty free?  We also have this great tool called the internet to research… take the time to look.  There are several ( and I will do a blog in the next few days on companies that don’t animal test so stay tuned ) I can make an informed decision that actually can make a difference.   I am pretty sure the one who does not do animal testing looks just as good as the one that does  (I  think that might be a future blog)  I think it sure feels better knowing nothing died to make me look better.    Major changes  are happening in  this industry because some animal rights people care!!    Have you ever been to a big box store and see those little mice or rats?  They may not be the cutest but it makes me sad to think they die so I can have a lotion with chemicals that I  probably can’t pronounce or  should not  be putting on my skin anyway?  


We are not sure but think our little baby Hope is a product of being a puppy mill MOM.  We think she had babies and was discarded in a shelter to be put to sleep.  She was just days from that when a Colorado  rescue saved her from a  Kansas shelter and  soon after she found her forever home with us.  This little baby is the best, sweetest, kindest dog we could have EVER asked for.  She is our travel dog and everyone who meets here is touched by her gentle heart and spirit.  Puppy mills need to be shut down.   Your vote/signiture can make a difference!

Our votes/petitions/passions can make a difference…  NEVER EVER THINK YOU DON’T MATTER, YOUR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER OR YOUR OPINION DOES NOT MATTER….look at  our history… not everyone agreed but sometimes we can learn from a difference in opinion if you just enter something with an open mind…a 360 degree view can change the  world 🙂

.. As a country we have a lot to be proud of and a lot to work on …

We are all different but yet the same… Lets always try to find a common ground and build on that…  I may not agree with you on everything but if we all have a deep down care for each other… does it matter?   Don’t we all want whats best for our parents, our family,  our kids, and our pets?  Cyrus and I just watched Frozen the other night.. LOVE CAN HEAL A FROZEN HEART… CANT WE  JUST LOVE ?

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