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Little Stars Hoodie

Designer Dog Hoodie



We bringing the excellence of Italian tailoring into the pets? world, creating an exclusive line of haute couture, elegant and sophisticated in the design, thought for dogs of all sizes, with special attention to details and to the study of the fitting
dress up very small dogs up to very large ones and create special models to suit dogs with a non-standard fitting, such as dachshunds, pugs, bulldogs and whippet/greyhounds. Only the finest materials, the most luxurious fabrics and accessories become the precious haute couture that materializes into a fine collection of timeless luxury, offering coats, imitation furs, raincoats and dresses, to complement the line of knitwear in cashmere and merino wool. Beautiful accessories like carriers, dog sofas and harnesses, collars and leashes complete the collection.
design and manufactures its garments exclusively in Italy, thanks to the work of skilled craftsmen. This is why each garment is marked with a special label “all hand made in Italy”, thus confirming the Italian origin of each stage of the production cycle and is accompanied by a special and exclusive packaging. Customized made to order items and numbered limited editions are the brand?s price.


Sizes Back Length Neck Chest
XXS UP TO 8.2″ UP TO 8.6″ UP TO 12.2″
XS UP TO 9.4″ UP TO 9.4″ UP TO 13.3″
S UP TO 10.6″ UP TO 10.2″ UP TO 14.5″
M UP TO 11.8″ UP TO 11″ UP TO 15.7″
L UP TO 12.9″ UP TO 11.8 UP TO 16.9″
XL UP TO 14.1″ UP TO 12.5″ UP TO 18.1″
XXL UP TO 15.3″ UP TO 13.3″ UP TO 19.2″
3XL UP TO 16.9″ UP TO 14.9″ UP TO 20.8″
4XL UP TO 18.5″ UP TO 16.5″ UP TO 22.8″
5XL UP TO 20″ UP TO 18.1″ UP TO 24.8″
6XL UP TO 21.6″ UP TO 20.4″ UP TO 26.7″
7XL UP TO 23.6″ UP TO 22.8″ UP TO 29.5″
8XL UP TO 27.5″ UP TO 25.9″ UP TO 32.2″
9XL UP TO 31.4″ UP TO 28.3″ UP TO 35.4″
Weight 1 lbs

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