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Candy Bar Lace Pillow-3 Charming Patterns

The Candy Bar Lace Pillow comes in 3 adorable patterns.  This adorable little pillow will help your dog sleep more comfortably any place in the house.



The Candy Bar Lace Pillow comes in 3 adorable patterns.  This adorable little pillow will help your dog sleep more comfortably any place in the house.


Features of the Candy Bar Lace Pillow:
Product Description
Nowadays, many little friends have a favorite pillow which will help to fall in a deep sleep or hug something.  BOHO Pillow is made of various fabrics, colors and pattern. Wonder which BOHO Pillow will be the their choice.

– 3 colors: White Stripes, Yellow Stripes and Blue Stripes

-This soft and comfy pillow will be a new bedtime bestie.

– Backside is made of 100% cotton fabric
– White Stripes: Italian Cotton & Cotton Lace
– Yellow Stripes: Italian Cotton & Cotton Lace
– Blue Stripes: Italian Cotton & Irish Linen Frill
– Matches with SS20 BOHO Blanket, BOHO Peekaboo and more.

Product Configuration Pillow

Manufacturer  louisdog


How to launder the Candy Bar Lace Pillow :

Machine wash on delicate mode.  Do not put in dryer or use heat to dry.

Size Chart:

Louisdog is a premium brand that is made for small dogs.  Double check the size charts as every piece of clothing has different dimensions.  An XL is not made for a big dog but a big little dog

White Stripes, Yellow Stripes : 25 x13 cm / 9.8 x 5.1 inch
Blue Pink Stripes : 30 x 16 cm / 11.8 x 6.3 inch

About The Designer–Louisdog:

Louisdog began its luxury lifestyle products for their own special and beloved dogs and its owners since 2001. Their bold and exclusive life style products have introduced one of the finest lines of apparel and accessories for all dogs and dog owners worldwide.

Since their mission is in the belief of improving the life of a man’s best friend, the dog of course, they have put an enormous amount of efforts on producing elegant designs, choosing exclusive fabrics and materials to create exquisite details.

Most importantly, all these are more meaningful if it provides a most comfortable and stylish, yet exclusive life to the dog while giving an indescribable pleasure to their owner for spoiling their loved one.

Louisdog has tried to be ahead of the times for dogs life.  As a result, the created collections that are truly distinctive and exclusive like the Organic Collection and the Cashmere Collection starting  in 2003. Yes they want to be spoiled as we do! Yes they deserve to have a better life as we do!  Luxury life style Louisdog products are always available at www.Doggiecouturehshop.com

Louisdog is an upscale designer of small to medium dog apparel and accessories.  They have been in business since 2001.   They specifically specialize in luxury lifestyle products for pets.  Louis dogs mission is to make your dogs life better.  They use nothing but the softest and finest fabrics to ensure comfort and style.  They are unique in both quality and design and often use exclusive fabrics and designs.=


Candy Bar Goose Down Dog Blanket-2 Luxurious Patterns

Weight 1 lbs

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