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Highlander EZ Gate 27" 2 Panel Free Standing Pet Gate in Black

Dog Gate


Built to span large or small open areas, our Highlander Series modular gates bring all new functionality to pet gates. These 32″ tall free standing gates are available in a multitude of configurations, both with and without a walk-through door feature. Our non-walk through versions are available in both 2-panel and 4-panel sets in both 27″ and 32″ heights. 2 panels are perfect for doorways up to 36″, and 4 panels can span areas up to 72″ wide.

Loaded with features, these gates are handcrafted of mortise and tenon construction without the use of nails, pins or screws. The beautiful finishes are applied with care and attention to detail. All versions of the Highlander gates fold flat for convenient storage or transportation.

Gate Span Chart

Description Maximum Span
2 Panel 27″ Gate up to 36″ (3′)
4 Panel 27″ Gate up to 72″ (6′)
2 Panel 32″ Gate up to 36″ (3′)
4 Panel 32″ Gate up to 72″ (6′)
3 Panel WT Gate up to 60″ (5′)
5 Panel WT Gate up to 108″ (9′)

Weight 3 lbs


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