Oblique Rug in 2 Colors by Louisdog


The Oblique Rug is like creating a little private island for your furry friend.  Just one touch and you will know the plush softness and pure comfort in the softness of this patchwork rug!  Add a pillow or blanket to add more ambiance and comfortness for any space.  It comes in 2 color combinations.- Vanilla Fur and Green Lily.
Style of Oblique Rug–

The Oblique Rug by Louisdog is a perfect dog rug for your little one.  It can be used as a dog mat or dog bed.  The dog rug comes in 2 different patchwork combinations. The Vanilla Fur is patchworked with Italian Corduroy and England Linen.  The Green Lily is patchworked with Italian Seersucker and Egyptian Cotton.  This beautiful Oblique Rug has a patchwork of the finest of fabrics.  It is so soft to the touch that you will want to share it!

The Pattern-

This Oblique Rug is a patchwork of comfort.  It comes in 2 different style combinations.  The Vanilla Fur is patchworked with an Italian Corduroy and the finest English Linen.  The Green Lily is patchworked with Italian Seersucker and the finest Egyptian Cotton.


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70.5 x 145 cm / 27.8 x 57.1 inch


Product Configuration —

Rug Cover, Rug


Manufacturer — louisdog



-Remove the cover and Machine Wash on delicate mode and in cold water.

About The Designer–Louisdog:

Louisdog is an upscale designer of small to medium dog apparel and accessories.  They have been in business since 2001.   They specifically specialize in luxury lifestyle products for pets.  Louisdog’s mission is to make your dogs life better.  They use nothing but the softest and finest fabrics to ensure comfort and style.  They are unique in both quality and design and often use exclusive fabrics and designs.



Weight 2 lbs


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