Product Review–Buddy Belt Harnesses

Looking for a good non slip harness? our answer is buddy belt harnesses

Has your dog ever slipped out of their harness?

One of the scariest things that can happen is walking your dog and they escape the harness. we actually had that happen recently with my mom’s little dog lexi. As we were walking in key west she slipped right out. It was a busy street with cars and lexi is a runner. so If she escapes she runs aimlessly. thankfully cyrus was watching her close and he caught her before she was completely loose . because of that, we have been searching! we have been looking for a cute, comfortable, and most of all safe harness.

as the owners of doggie coutures shop we have tried several different ones. because we travel a lot with our dogs , it is essential to have the right harness. the key things we look for is something they cannot slip out of but is also comfortable… and yes cute too. since they all wear clothes. often harnesses don’t fit underneath and look funny over top. they need something for out of the house. we found the go-to harness that meets all of the above!

we have the answer!

buddy belt. It comes in any color you would want. Nice soft leather. even sparkles if you want to add them. we have traveled with the dogs now several times with these harnesses. all 3 of them have them. no slip… no rubs… works under clothes….adorable by itself.

I would recommend this harness to anyone. proper fit is essential so always ask if you have a question. we will help you at personalshopper@doggiecoutureshop.com. their size chart is very good. i would suggest measuring 2 or 3 times to ensure the right size. they have just recently changed their leather. it is a higher quality pebble leather so they are even better now than what i have!


Hope loves her buddy belt harness…

Hope in her buddy belt