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Soft Claws Summer Colors Pack

Nail Polish



Soft Claws nail caps for dogs are vinyl nail caps that glue on to your dog?s nails. They cover your dog?s nails to keep them blunt and harmless. This fantastic product helps protect you and your belongings against problem dog scratching.

Soft Claws offers protection against the following situations:

Damage to Household Surfaces:

Hardwood Floors – Doors – Walls – Screens – Furniture – Carpets

The nail caps effectively blunt your dog’s nails so their ability to scratch surfaces is significantly reduced.

Canine Skin Conditions:

– Allergic skin conditions

– Chronic scratching

By blunting the nails, less damage occurs when your dog scratches. This can help your dog’s skin heal faster.

Protects You from Dog Scratches:

-Dogs that jump up and scratch you.

-Elderly people with fragile skin.


-People taking blood thinners.

Soft Claws can help you to feel more relaxed about enjoying your dog’s affection by blunting your dog’s nails.

More about Soft Claws…

Each Soft Claws kit contains everything required to apply the nail covers at home. Including easy to follow instructions.

The application is simple. Just fill each nail cap with the adhesive provided and slide it on over the nail. It’s that easy!

This is an amazing product that really works. Dogs tolerate Soft Claws extremely well. The vast majority of dogs don’t even know they are wearing them.

Soft Claws are extremely safe and non-toxic. Even if your dog swallows one, no harm will come. The nail cap will safely pass through the digestive system.

Each Soft Claws kit contains 40 nail caps, adhesive and easy to follow instructions. The cost is only $18.95 per kit.

The length of time each kit lasts depends on your individual needs.

Each application lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. Depending on your needs, you will apply the nail caps to all four claws or just the front claws. For example, if you are using Soft Claws to protect against your dog scratching the doors, walls or screens, you may wish to apply the nail caps to the front claws only. This will give you four front paw applications per pack, and the package will last you approximately 4-6 months.

If you are using Soft Claws to protect hardwood floors, you may need to apply the nail caps to all four claws. One package will then provide two applications and last approximately 2-3 months.

-Small – Weight: 1-5 lbs. Examples: Maltese, Yorkie, Chihuahua.

Small – Weight: 5-10 lbs. Examples: Poodle, Rat Terrier, Shih-Tzu.

Medium – Weight: 10-15 lbs. Examples: Boston Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso.

Large – Weight: 15-20 lbs. Examples: Westie, Corgi, Schnauzer.

X-Large – Weight: 20-40 lbs. Example: Scottie.

XX-Large – Weight: 40-70 lbs. Examples: Labrador, Shepherd.

Jumbo – Weight: 70 pounds and up. Example: Basset.






Weight 1 lbs

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