Classic Beadboard Triple Pet Diner

dog bowl



Anyone who has ever had a dog, or a cat, that plays with their food
will appreciate the design of this feeder. It is ?Lab Tested & Lab
Proofed!? This feeder was designed with the kibble chaser in mind as
there is no room to loose food under it or even better to get a nose or
paw under and then to tip it over. The classic design makes this not
only functional but elegant as well.

There are four sizes to choose from and three designs:

Single (one

Double (two bowls)

Social (three bowls) to fit just about any

Small is 6? tall with 1-quart bowls

Medium is 9? tall with
2-quart bowls

Large is 12? tall with 3-quart bowls

Giant is 18? tall
with 3-quart bowls

Weight1 lbs

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